Smartphone Quiz Belfast


Smartphone quiz Belfast is a professional, fun and fantastic new speedquizzing take on the traditional pub quiz.

Essentially making the old fashioned pen & paper quiz a thing of the past.

The fast paced game style means its impossible to cheat!

Teams play using their own smartphone, tablets or wi-fi enabled touchscreen devices.

All the questions are read out by the quiz-master as normal, but the teams choose their answers on their smartphones or tablets.

Exciting rounds such as fastest finger, buzzer rounds, music clips and pictures make for a really different, fun and interactive evening so book your Smartphone Quiz Belfast today.

Pub Quiz

Pub Quizzes

In local bars and pubs attend weekly quizzes in North Down, Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.

Private Events

Ideal for birthdays, weddings,  and social events or as an educational tool in schools, colleges, university or youth clubs.

Corporate Quiz

Looking for something different and unique for networking, team building, awards ceremonies, celebrations, and product launches.


Use Speedquizzing NI as unique entertainment to support your charity, golf club, sports club or organisation fundraiser.

About Speedquizzing NI | Smartphone Quiz Belfast

Smartphone Quiz Belfast is a specialist quiz company that focuses on setting up and organising the best quiz nights throughout Belfast Northern Ireland.

All of our Belfast speedquizzes are using the Smartphone quiz format and we have over 100 successful events to date.

Some of our clients include Horatio Group, Botanic Inn, Wine Inns, Four Winds (Belfast), Bureau (Whiteabbey), Grace Neills (Donaghadee), and many more.

Our smartphone quiz belfast hosts have 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, as DJs, presenters and quiz hosts.

Smart Phone Speedquizzing.

No Pens, No Paper, No Cheating – thats what makes Speedquizzing unique, exciting and fun!


Up to 32 teams

Our software allows for up to 32 different teams to play at one event, up to 8 players per team using one device.


Unique Buzzer Sounds

Choose your own special buzzer sound from our selection of over 50 different voices, music clips and sound effects


Impossible to cheat

In contrast to traditional pen and paper quizzes, the quick-fire nature of SpeedQuizzing means it is IMPOSSIBLE TO CHEAT and so the real winners take away the top prize

Keypad & Buzzin Rounds

Use your handset to answer questions using letters, numbers and multiple choice. Buzzin with the fastest finger and gain bonus points for the quickest answers.

Music & Picture Rounds

Identify music clips from classic hits to current top 20 just by simply pressing the buzzer when you hear the correct clip. Guess pictures of celebrities, movies, flags, logos or catchphrases straight to your device.

Nearest Wins

One team can win points by answering nearest to the correct answer. These questions are often used as tiebreakers or for a big points question at the end of your event..

Download the virtual buzzer to your smartphone or tablet – available FREE from the app store

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